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At Direct Pest Solutions, we specialize in wildlife removal, utilizing effective and humane methods to address wildlife intrusions in your home. Our process begins with a thorough inspection conducted by our skilled technicians, who assess the situation and determine the most appropriate method for removing the pest. Whether it involves setting traps or employing hands-on techniques, our priority is to safely and efficiently eliminate the wildlife from your property.

With wildlife removal, we understand the importance of balancing effectiveness with compassion. Our experienced team has the expertise to handle various species and situations, ensuring the well-being of both the animals and your household. If trapping is deemed necessary, we use specially designed traps that are effective and secure. These traps are set strategically based on our extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior and habits.

In cases where it is feasible and appropriate, we may opt for hands-on removal methods. Our trained professionals exercise caution and follow best practices to safely handle and relocate the wildlife away from your home and its surroundings. This approach ensures that the wildlife is given the chance to thrive in a more suitable habitat while providing you with a pest-free environment.

Rest assured, at Direct Pest Solutions, we prioritize the ethical and responsible removal of wildlife from your home. Our commitment to professionalism and humane practices means you can trust us to address your wildlife intrusion with care and expertise. Contact us today to schedule a thorough inspection and let our team determine the best method for removing the pests from your property, ensuring the safety and comfort of your home and family.

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Most Popular Questions about Rodent Control

Wildlife removal is necessary to prevent damage to property, mitigate health risks, and ensure the safety and well-being of occupants. It helps address conflicts between humans and wildlife by relocating animals to more suitable habitats.

Traps are effective for capturing various wildlife species, including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, and certain types of birds. Professional wildlife removal experts have the knowledge and experience to determine the appropriate trap for the specific animal.


Yes, when handled by trained professionals, traps can be safe for animals. Wildlife removal experts take precautions to minimize stress and ensure the animal's well-being while in the trap. Regular monitoring is conducted to prevent extended periods of confinement.

Traps are strategically placed in areas where wildlife activity is observed or suspected. They are baited with food or lures that appeal to the target species. Wildlife removal specialists carefully position traps to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of unintended captures.

The duration of the trapping process depends on various factors, including the species, behavior, and population size. Trapping timelines can range from a few days to several weeks. Wildlife removal experts provide ongoing monitoring until the target animal(s) are successfully captured and removed.

Captured wildlife is handled in accordance with local regulations and ethical guidelines. Depending on the species and local requirements, the animals are either released into suitable habitats away from human dwellings or transferred to designated wildlife rehabilitation facilities.

Wildlife removal and trap setting require knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment. It is generally recommended to rely on professional wildlife removal services such as Direct Pest Solutions to ensure safe, effective, and legal practices.

If you have specific concerns or questions about Wildlife Removal and Trap set Services in Henry County, it’s best to consult with a professional wildlife control service that is familiar with local wildlife species and regulations. They can provide accurate information and appropriate solutions based on your unique situation.

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Georgia Wildlife Facts

Explore our captivating blog series on the intriguing world of wildlife infestations.  Join us on this wildlife adventure and gain valuable insights into protecting your home and coexisting harmoniously with nature.


Squirrels can squeeze through small openings to enter homes. They can cause damage by chewing on wires in attics and gnawing on wood in and around the home.


Both Rats and mice reproduce quickly, this means infestations are not uncommon in a home if they are not appropriately taken care of in several steps.


Raccoons should not be approached or handled by humans! Raccoons susceptibility to numerous diseases and rabies. Raccoons are active throughout the year and although they are known to be omnivores, they will eat just about anything.


Little brown bats of Georgia are great for mosquito control. Little brown bats can also consume over 1,000 insects in an hour. Bats are know to infest attics. Bat exclusions should be avoided between April 1st through July 31st in Georgia.


Armadillos are nocturnal mammals that have a protective armor and curl up when scared. They eat plants, small vertebrates, and insects. They swim well and can hold their breath for six minutes. Although they dig burrows for shelter, they can also damage gardens and yards.


Opossums are North America's only marsupial, this means that they are related to kangaroos, and they have pouches in which young Opossums stay in while they nurse. possums can give birth to up to 20 babies in a litter! If your having a problem, call Direct Pest Solution
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